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what if i die today

photos: udo stelzer

a five days artistic residency, where branco together with her main collaborator - the austrian performer christina lederhaas - occupied the office of the art center forum stadtpark in graz.

branco-hase embraced an office routine, asking themselves: what if i die today? they went to work monday to friday from 10:00 to 18:00 developing talks, sound-recordings and videos investigating the theme of death in our contemporary lives. they also danced til they cried and from there four dance videos where created.

every day at 17:00 a * tea-chat * took place open to the public, they all drank tea and talked about death.

the residancy ended with a performance in oslo and graz, where barnco and laderhaas interacted via skype.


a video-dance from the series *mourning dances*, where the performers dance til they cry.

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