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Enfoldments - stitching practices in times of ruptures

Submitted works developed during my Master of Fine Arts in Performance at the

Norwegian Theatre Academy - Østfold University College. Concluded Spring, 2020.

Enfoldments is a compilation of works composed by a performance-lecture, a film, an online interactive booklet, a photographed performance book, masks, costumes and performative objects. 


What if I use only one artistic material? Which kind of enfoldments would take place by insisting on only one material? The chosen material was flax. Or it was flax that chose itself ? 


Starting by sowing the seeds of flax I was interested in exploring how a long-durational relationship, practices and encounters with different seasons, processes with a plant, and how that would play a role in the creative process.


My Master's research inquires aspects of agency, environmental issues, traditional craft, modes of production, slow down processes, Covid19, ritualizations, practice-and-process-based, thinking through hands, disruptions and mendings, speculative narratives, collage and editing as layerism, embroideriy, interactivity, performative text - and possibly, other words amongst them: playfulness. 

Gaia's Hair - intruding thoughts

Full film at Vimeo


Contact me for the password


The MA dissertation is an online interactive booklet.


Investigating how a text can be performative, 

choreographed. Engaging with playfulness to integrate the dynamics of the present moment the reading occurs.


Wrapped in a universe of planting and growth, the booklet explores dramaturgically choreographed 

hybrid spatialities and temporalities a performative text can occupy.


Thinking through writing as dramaturgy.

GUIDANCE: Recommend to use Google Chrome and see it in full screen. Follow the arrow to change pages - the arrow of the cover is almost transparent. Take the cursor on the little hand's illustrations. Welcome to the journey. 

Designer: Verônica Carlos


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