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deciduous - waiting for the leaves to fall

15 of november 2014

​the departure point is: poetry. from there the artist investigates nostalgic desires making paralels to autumn  under: Performance Art Oslo Festivalat: Atelier Nord - Oslo, Norway

laboratory: cartographies of presence

29 sept - 03 okt 2014

an intensive practical research in performance 


the act of performaing is intricalety related to the present moment. mapping different states of presence the work lead by Branco allows the embodied mind of performer to come forth.  


organized by: ACTS - laboratory of performance practices

at: Torshovloftet, Oslo 



performance: transversal lines

6th of September 2014

long durational site-specific performance


based on the theme of travel  as a metaphor of transformation.the performance took place at the ferry  in Fredrikstad - crossing the river Glomma - as well as at the two piers at Gamlebyen and Cicignon.


under: Østlandsutstillingen 2014 - Fredrikstad, Norway




performative lecture

22nd of March and 5th of September 2014


transversal lines – a performance traveling within


Branco explores performances tools to give a lecture, requiring from the audience an attentive way of lisening. 


under:  Opening of Østlandsutstillingen 2014

at:Kunstbanken Hamar, Norway 


under: Litteraturfestivalen Ord i Grenseland 2014

at: Galleri Galleri Biedilæ & Vedvik, Gamlebyen i Fredrikstad, Norway




21-22 February 2014

Branco took part of THIS SITUATION installed by Sehgal's main collaborator Louise Hojer.


at: Literaturhuset - Fredrikstad, Norway

work-in-progress: you are busy! so am i

13th - 14th of December 2013

presentation of the work-in-progress: you are busy! so am i 


several artists presented a work in development, got feedback and shared ideas in a discussion forum.


under: Share your Darlings - Graz, Austria

artist in residence - RED

3rd-16th July, 2013

During 10 days residency Fernanda Branco and Linda Granlund developted a work for The Dreaming Body Project.


3 videos were produced and a performance presented.


The visual artist Hilde Grønner Flikke collaborated with the artists giving guidance with installation work. 


at: R.E.D. artistic residency - Einer, Norway



performance: my body sees you see me you see my body

April 22, 2013

a long durational performance exploring the body as an living sculpture in the space. 


under: Oslo Open

at: Galeri BOA - Oslo, Norway

video exhibition: in pressions

20th - 21rt April, 2013

Screen of the video:" in pressions" from the series "nature in dark". 


concept and performance: Fernanda Branco


video: Margarida Paiva


under: Oslo Open 

at: UKS  - Oslo, Norway

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