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giving salt back to the sea

temporary installation at the beach on the Steilene island in Norway.

materail: sea salt

following the terrain forms, white lines are created on the rocks. Eventually the salt disappears back into the sea. Part of the festival: PAO@Steilene, 2017 

i went and came back as this



material:  skirt, jacket, suit case, wire, keys, passport pages of the artist, dried linn with seeds, sweing threads. 


garmenst of the performance: transversal lines became an installation at the exhibition: Østlandsutstilligen 2014 in Fredrikstad, Norway.


part of the garments were created in collaboration with the visual artist Camilla Wexels Riser. 

key to time

temporary installation by the pier of the river Glomma in Fredrikstad. 

material: keys, ice

Inside the performance transversal lines, part of Østlandsutstillingen 2014. 

lines in between

temporary installation in a path way, between a bench and a tree in old town part of Fredrikstad. creating geometric forms in the open space. 

material: red thread

inside the performance transversal lines, part of Østfoldutstillingen 2014.

inside glass, outside snow

garment made with textile and pieces of glasses collected at Oslo fjord beaches. 

material: photography (photographer: Tor Lie)

skirt was used in the performance inside glass, 2008/09. 

the collection of glasses was part of an Action: collecting broken glasses while having an understanding of the amount of waste found on Oslofojrd beach, in 2008. 

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