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in pressions

from the series: nature in dark

trailer - Brazil, 2012

video by Mariana Castelo Branco

in pressions is a poetic visual impression of the unssen. in collaboration with the brazilian video maker mariana castelo branco.


how a body moves in fear? in cautiousness? in daring? which dance arises from a body that finds it´s way in nature without seeing?

*in pressions* is the first video from * nature in dark *: a series of 6 video-dances in the nature,  neglecting the sense: vision. 

in terrelations

from the series: nature in dark

trailer - Norway, 2013

video by Margarida Paiva

in perceptable

from a the series: nature in dark

trailer - Austria, 2014

video by Stefan Schmid

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* to see videos of performances go to page: performance

the cover is a paint from the brazilian visual artist antonio claudio carvalho

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