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​​fernanda branco is a performer from brazil based in norway since 2006. her work has been crossing boundaries between avant-garde theater and dance. however, with the years, her work can be placed now in the fields of performance art.


branco´s hybrid work approaches a co-relation between body and voice or can be focused on visual aspects with installations. Recentley, she explores long duration performances and in adition to her education in gardening branco's artistic work diirects towards land art, ecology & art or what still has no label, yet has a deep connection with organic materials, living matters. 

branco´s performances leitmotiv is presence working throughout perception and senses. the main - and only - rule is to channel a perceptual communication between her and the viewer.

 concrete-simple actions witihn abstract-poetic visual forms in the present moment of transformation


in brazil branco is represented by the multimedia label TAL-TechArtLab

in norway branco is the artistic director of MoA  & ACTS - laboratory for performance practices producing and promoting art related events and performances.

in europe she is the co-founder of the duo: Branco-Hase Collaboration where a practice of organic interrelation between ​movement and voice has been developed.

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