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a long durational site-specific performance


based on the theme of travel, the performance took place at the ferry  in Fredrikstad - crossing the river Glomma - as well as at the two piers at Gamlebyen and Cicignon,


during four hours forward and back again,the artist and landscape underwent a process of transformation. a continuous travel.


Branco sewed her passaport pages in her skirt while travelling with other passagens on the ferry.


on the pier keys inside blocks of ice, melted with time, hanged, trickling above the Glomma river, there Branco stood as the guardian of time.  


on the top of a hill Branco created a spider-web with red thread. connecting a bench and a tree - what are thraces we leave while we travel?


the performance was part of Østlandutstillingen 2014 in Fredrikstad, Norway.


the visual artist Camilla Wexls has given artistic and tecnical support to the project. Wexels made possible the lin seed jacket and beautifully transformed the small suit case. 


under Østlandsutstillingen 











photos Monika Sobczak

transversal lines

video by Margarida Paiva

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