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o corpo sonhante

from the series  * the dream body *

photos: duque estrada meyer

video: duque estrada meyer

a four hour performance that took place in an old candy factory in rio - bhering.  in collaboration with the italian performer margherita isola and the brazilian musician luciano corrêa, produced by TAL-TechArtLab.

on * the dream body * series,  branco investigates other states of body-mind, working with exhaustion. here the edge of things is added. the artist placed herself on the edges of objects/materials insisting in staying on their limits.



where does a pole finishes to be a pole and then meets the floor? where does the floor starts? what does the floor be a floor? how does it feels to be bouncing in between the pole and the floor?



as the artists persist in staying on the edge, meditative states of body-mind arises and the only rule she has is to keep connected with the viewer.



the body who fights for balance is the same one that plays on the edges of the silent machines.




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