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in pressions


in pressions is a poetic visual impression of the unssen. in collaboration with the brazilian video maker mariana castelo branco.


how a body moves in fear? in cautiousness? in daring? which dance arises from a body that finds it´s way in nature without seeing?

*in pressions* is the first video from * nature in dark *: a series of 6 video-dances in the nature,  neglecting the sense: vision.

for every video a brazilian poet writes a poem to:



Tender impressions of the mud

There’s nothing to seeI raise my feet softly in the darkI fallIt’s slippery

Time leaves no bruises, just on the skinI hold you in my arms like mothers doI whisper in your ear the sweetest thoughts

There’s nothing to see

Except for these leaves and pieces of wood

Dancing in the wind at a finger’s reach

There’s nothing to see

Except for theses branches and unknown little insects

Crawling on me

There’s nothing,nothing except for the earth, the soft, warm earth

Which slowly, as darkness closes in,Becomes my very own eyes

Visions of me.


                                                                                         Beatriz Bastos

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